Remove cab brake light bulb before install?

Hello all, my install is coming up in a couple weeks so I’m thinking of things I can do to prepare my 3rd gen Tacoma.

For those of you with a similar truck, is there an annoying glow in the cab reflected off the GFC wall/roof when you step on the brakes? I’m thinking about removing the bulb for the 3rd brake light the night before my install.

I have the window and don’t have that problem.

Never noticed. Bed light is handy shining through the window though.

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Interesting about the bed light. Mine is just a brake light, although I do have bed lights in the sides closer to the tailgate.

Agree with both of you, the brake light does not bother me and the bed lights are handy if you don’t have another lighting solution. The third light on the Tacoma’s is a PITA to bust into anyways.


if you remove the bulb you may get “bulb out” light on the dash - ? i taped over mine just cause that stuff annoys me -

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Good question about a possible warning light. I pulled the three bulbs and drove around the block. So far so good.

Since I won’t be able to easily remove them or change them once the GFC is on I’ll probably take them out.