Remove Drop-In Bedliner?

Hi All,

I just ordered a platform camper for my 2018 F150 short bed (install in early September).My truck has the Ford drop-in bedliner installed and was curious if I should remove it before install? I’m thinking I’d like to transition over to a carpet bedliner or similar in the future, but I don’t know how big a pain it would be to remove the current drop-in with the platform camper installed.

I’d love your thoughts and feedback as I’m a newbie to overlanding but can’t wait to get into it with the family. All the best.


Not sure if this helps, but this is their requirements for installation.

Pre-Install Check List - Platform Camper:

  • No aftermarket truck cab racks (Prinsu, FrontRunner, etc.).
  • No Tonneaus covers, hardware as well.
  • No truck bed Molle systems.
  • No accessories installed to bedside t-track systems.
  • No KB VooDoo or Relentless Fabrication rail cap systems.
  • Gladiator customers, please remove bed side rails if you have them.
  • Tacoma customers, please do not remove or relocate your factory t-track system.
  • Frontier customers, please remove side tie down rails.
  • Please note that all campers are designed to be mounted to factory truck beds. Truck beds that have been altered from the factory risk the possibility of not fitting as designed.
  • Canadian customers, please reference this article for information on brokerage fees: International Fees Article

I think it would be pretty easy to remove after the fact. The camper clamps are on the inside edge of the bed rails so you’d be able to flex the drop it around them. Worst case you’d only have to remove the 4 mounting clamps which only requires basic hand tools.


second what jedgar said and add that drop in bed liners aren’t easy to give away for free. it’s limited demand for a small market and dealing with local interests only. you might just want to sawz-all into smaller pieces for easy removal and disposal if you decide to go with a rug.

Also, they are kind of a pain to remove without a camper.

just my $.02


Thank you for the advice!

I removed the drop in liner for my 1st gen Tacoma prior to installation because I moved over to a bedrug (highly recommend). It was harder than I thought it would be to remove with the standard shell I had on at the time and I ended up taking a sawzall to it. If you’re thinking you don’t want the bed liner I would remove it prior to installation just to avoid the headache of removing with the GFC on the truck.

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