Removing a rear seat for dog bed and storage

Lately, I’ve been running with 3 passengers in the backseat: dog, 5-month old, and my wife or me to keep the kiddo company on longer drives. This is a 3rd gen Tacoma.

Since this new arrangement the dog has been a little disgruntled about loosing her total control of the backseat. It occurred to me that her seat (40% portion) wasn’t really needed and was just taking up space and getting dirty with dog hair.

So I removed the bolts holding in the bottom of the seat and the seat back (4 total) and I’ve gained about 50 liters of storage, and made a better and larger platform for the dog.

I’m liking the new approach so far…and so does the dog.

i was just looking at this thread on tacomaworld

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did this to my ranger

Goose Gear has some nice rear seat delete kits.