Removing rear cab window

Has anyone tried removing the window (if you have one) between the cab and the GFC? I was considering doing so for the summer months to allow for ventilation when my dogs are back there.

Use and have them ship your camper from Belgrade to Central BC. It’s comes with free window removal. :joy:

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but you finally got it. was the window broke or just popped out? no GFC decals on the side? i’d offer my help to install but the border thing


If you have a rear cab window you could remove the window and use a “Truk-boot” to seal it from the elements. This would allow your AC or cab airflow to reach the back.

Haven’t got it yet….if you can believe it. I was promised that it will be here this morning. Luckily it sounds like the window just popped out and the window is in tact. The local glass place said it should take them 15min’s to get it back in.

wow they are really dropping the ball on this. who is the actual carrier service?

The actual carrier at this point is Overland West, but the Schmozle started with R&L trucking in the US, then Day&Ross (they’re the ones supporting me at this point), then they transferred to Overland West who does the Northern long haul runs.

their insurances covering repairs?

You bet. Talked to the glass place they figured it’ll take about 15mins to put the glass back in. Hopefully that’s all that’s damaged.

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