Renogy Solar Cable Entry Gland Housing Mount

I have searched the forums but haven’t seen anyone use one of these to run solar through the roof of the camper. Anyone done it?

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I went with this style because it holds the inline fuse and prevents it from rattling against the roof. It also has screws in addition to sealant so it’s no going anywhere.


I like that! Super clean. Do you have a link to it?


I went with a version similar to that but in white, I vhb taped the perimeter of the glands foot, and then I covered over the edges with rv roof tape. Not a drop has come in near that gland.

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Is this mounted thru/to the roof of the tent?

Yes. Some opted to use the included hardware to drill/ screw it into place. I went with vhb tape all around the gland and then another layer of externabond tape to the perimeter of the gland. So far so good, 3 years into it

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