Report After Two Weeks Living In the Camper... BUGS

I’m down for a trip.

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Have you had a chance to test out the sealing foam? If yes, how did it work out? I feel like this is a reasonable way to fix the problem.

Hey Ghost!
I’ve taken the camper out 3 or 4 times since installing the rubber and to date I haven’t had any bugs on my roof. But, it’s also been winter and a little chilly for bugs. The real test will be this spring when it warms up.

Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback.

We were around Joshua Tree this past weekend & one of the nights, the bugs were able to sneak through the gap between the tent & the extrusion (as shown in your picture). It wasn’t even a ton of light either. My wife & I were laying in bed with our cell phones and the dimmed light from our phones was enough to attract bugs into the tent area. Hence, me looking for a solution, because it was annoying.

It was only our second night in the camper & we definitely don’t have taught tent material between the snaps like @Kwood 's

I was curious to know if anyone has successfully used any electronic devices to repel bugs around their camping area.

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Hoping to finally get out for my first night in the camper and I can see that I have some significant gaps in my tent material as well. Big enough that I don’t think backer rod will actually work. So I’m going to try some one sided adhesive foam and just put it in the channel. May have to get some double sided tape for a few other areas. Definitely wish the tent came better sealed

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we used some hook & loop (3m’s version of velcro)… closed that gap nicely and allows us to take the canvas off if we wanted to in the future. the top is easy since you can run a strip the full length above the buttons. the bottom requires you to cut small pieces to fit in between the buttons


Recently placed my order and ‘ready for production’ and just discovered this design decision. The tent is really not sealed around the perimeter!? How can the GFC be otherwise so well thought out and you leave gaps in a tent? That would seem like the absolute minimum requirement for any tent. @Mike_GFCUSA @GFC_Taylor has this been addressed? Not excited about starting my GFC life with a band-aid backer rod/velcro fix.


Haven’t been in AK-style bugs yet, but I have been in some semi-buggy places and it hasn’t been an issue.

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Hey! Happy to help.

Like @Nevadan, I have also been in some buggy areas in a few iterations of our fabric tent, and each time it’s kept them away. The fabric team has been focussing on consistency, and has gotten really good at minimizing any gaps at the points where they attach to the frame.

We take feedback like this into consideration, and I’m confident you’ll be happy with the performance of your camper when you get it. We’re stoked to start your build!


We ended up using bulb gasket between all of the snaps (top and bottom) some were very tight to begin with, others sadly not. Since adding the adhesive backed gasket we have not had issues with bugs. However we don’t live or play in an overly buggy part of the country, currently.

What was your build #?

I found that spraying an area with rubbing alcohol is a very good bug deterrent and kills mosquitos. It may be a good option to just clear out the area before sealing it off of if any get through a small opening.