Report After Two Weeks Living In the Camper... BUGS

The GFC did pretty great! We were able to run the little buddy heater in the sub freezing temps to preheat the camper before bed, and we were able to cook in it to stay out of the wind. Even with the 2 inch topper we were able to close it up without much trouble, most of the time. Some days it really just didn’t want to work.

BUT… We did have one big problem… Bugs.

I don’t know about yours, but we have a ton of bugs getting into our camper though the sides. The fabric is loose along the top between the snaps. In one area there is over an inch of loose fabric. It seems all the mosquitoes, moths and whatever else wants in flies into the sealed up doors, then walks up and straight into the camper and down the roof. We spend half evening and morning killing bugs on the translucent roof.

Anyone else having issues or a solution? We have considered taking the fabric out, and getting velcro sewed between the snaps and attaching it to the aluminum with some VHB, but that’s a lot of modifying, so I wanted to hear your thoughts first.


Are you using lights inside when its dark? I’ve had a lot going on this summer and just haven’ have not used mine as much as I hoped. The few times I used it I had everything setup before dark and just climed in and wen to sleep without any lights. I think I might have used a flashlight for a minute. I think I had one or two bugs overall between 3 nights.

If you’re using any kind of light I think it would be important to seal any kind of light from showing the bugs where to crawl in. The velcro sounds like a good idea. The other thing might just be to get a few long strips of material and just tuck it in along the sides before dark. It seems like a hassle but I think could be done in just a couple minutes.

If you do use lights make the yellow or red, bugs are only attracted to white light if meemory serves me right however I may be wrong.

Any condensation build up with use of the Buddy Heater?

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As for bugs, I’m sure a lot depends on when and where you’re camping. When I’m in a buggy area I make sure to leave all the panels in place during the day, keeps things from flying up there. Also keep the insect screen down. And at night I’m not a fan of lights in or around the bed area, nothing I can’t do or get with a headlamp. Seems to work cause I get very few or zero bugs when I get into the tent to sleep and I’ll have a small light up there to read for a half hour or so and nothing seems to get in during that time. I just haven’t noticed anything getting in under the tent fabric though. Camping at 8-9000’ with lows in the 30s helps too.

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Here’s a simple ghetto fix. The round foam insulation is available at any hardware store in variety of diameters. Just take a minute to stuff this in.


Caulk saver. Good idea

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We typically try not to run many lights, but when it’s below freezing or super windy it’s nice to have a place to cook inside or just relax and read a book. Obviously not running a light helps, but we got this camper so we have a living space out of the elements. I’ll have to give the foam listed below a try. Not ideal, but quick and easy.

The most we’ve run it is about 2 hours before bed, so we didn’t run it all night. As far as condensation it was no more than we typically have. I’ve never had it dripping on me, but we always have to wipe down the roof and walls before closing it up.

I’ll definitely give that a shot! Thanks for the idea.
Still not sure what to do about the material that is hanging loose around the side window. Not sure I can stuff enough foam in there. I’ll try and get a picture tonight to see if anyone else has a grand idea…

Would love to see a photo of this. I can’t believe the actual tent is not really sealed against the frame allowing for an opening big enough for bugs to fit


Backer rod! It comes in several sizes up to 2" if I recall. Good idea but not ideal…

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I don’t have this going on in my GFC at all. The fabric is tight and no way bugs are getting in near the top. Last weekend there were mosquitoes at night and we got swarmed by meat bees during dinner but none in the tent.

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Just a couple quick pictures of how loose the fabric is around my side door.

That looks way to loose. I would contact gfc if I were you. Here’s a pic of mine.

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why is there so much condensation inside your tent

ok, thanks, how cold was it prior to the heater

Ya, I dropped @GFC an email to see how they wanted to handle it. Bugs in tent is no bueno!

For anyone interested, right now the policy on tent fixes is for you all to send it back at your leisure and we will repair it. This is much more effective than our previous processes and allows you to send it back when it is convenient for you.


Is the original (gen 1) tent material available?

I’ve added sealing foam around the perimeter, top and bottom, where the tent attaches to the frame. I haven’t had a chance to test it in bug territory yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll keep out most stuff!


Well my tent material is all off the truck and I’ll be picking up my replacement this weekend! Thanks @GFC_Mike!

Plus two more friends of mine will have GFC’s after this weekend! Southeast GFC Camping trip needs to happen soon.

@AdventureTim Since my frabric is out, I may try and do the same this weekend. Apparently we have mutant bugs here in the south because camping this last weekend in the 30’s and there was a single mosquito still flying around camp…