Requesting help with measurements

Hey all,
I’m working on a project to show some love for the standard size campers. I need some hands-on measurements/tracing from a Tacoma, Colorado, Ranger, and Gladiator with the standard V2 platform camper (with rear window).

If you happen to be near or driving through Dayton Ohio (near I-70) with your GFC, have a half hour to spare, and you don’t mind someone in the bed of your truck measuring stuff please let me know.

I just passed by a month ago. I can’t wait for the cold to finally use your latch covers

edit: maybe I’ll road trip to closest jack in the box to me…


I thought you were joking about the closest jack in the box. I just looked at the map and you aren’t kidding. If you end up down this way by chance let me know.

I don’t joke about food. kidding about that. me and the wife go to King’s Island to ride the beast at least a dozen times and then to jack in the box. it’s usually a day of pigging out

what kind of measurements are you looking for? I own a tape measure

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