Reservation Available for April, 2022

We put a deposit on a camper but have had to make other arrangements due to changes in vehicle. Would love to get our deposit back if anyone wants an earlier spot? Was told build would be complete around April, 2022. This was for a 5 foot Tacoma. Reservation #3297. Would just like to recoup our deposit fee. Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks!

Hi, is this still available and build still in April?

I am super interested
Has the truck or any options been set?
Have cash!

No options have been set. I’m not sure where we are in the queue but I could find out on Monday. We placed our order Late January with a planned finish date in April.

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is this still available?

Yes it is. Let me know if you’d like more information.

I’m intersted. DM me, please!

I can find out where we are in the queue. When we put the deposit down in January, we were told April. But we never got to the point where they asked us for options so that deposit is just waiting. If you truly are interested, I can get in touch with GoFast and see where they’d put toe person who takes over out deposit. Let me know…

Gotcha - that’s understandable. I am definitely planning to buy a topper/tent and if I can help someone out on here, I’d like to do that rather than going directly through them with my deposit but most not till July which isn’t crazy but ideally I’d like to get sooner. Is the truck model able to be changed - just reading through the comments and want to confirm since I don’t have a Tacoma? If you could ask them what the timeframe is looking like, that would be great!

I will find out. I’ll send an email right now and let you know the minute I hear back. I appreciate you trying to help out. I was a bit disappointed to hear that they got our $500 deposit and were going to keep it whether or not we got the tent or not and we contacted them two days after deposit when we changed our vehicle. I’ll let you know what I hear back. Thanks for reahing out and for your interest!

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Here is what I learned from GoFast just now:

When the new buyer purchases your build spot, they will essentially start the process over with us as if they had placed a new deposit. We will collect their VIN number, and then send them the final options form. On that form, they will be able to set their preferred install date and we will do our best to accommodate their preferred date within the range of dates that we are currently scheduling. At this time, lead times are roughly 14-16 weeks from the time the invoice is paid and we are scheduling installs for late July and onwards.

Your build spot will be open to the buyer selecting all of their own options and can be built for any truck model that we currently support.

Sorry for my delay! Is your’s still avail?

It sure is. Let me know if you’re still interested…