Reservation wanted. Will pay $1000

Im looking for a reservation number 735 or less. I will paypal immediately. Please let me know.
Clint Miller

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You better say what model you are looking for and how much total you will pay because those in production and beyond are truck specific and paid in full.


Hi, im just looking for a reservation pre 735, not a finished camper.

What he is saying is that most reservations pre 735 have already submitted their truck model and components since they are almost ready to be produced. Once a reservation is within a few weeks of going into production the build out is solidified. Therefore most of the pre 735 reservations are most likely already finalized in terms of truck model, etc.

Looking at the leaderboard it looks like the only pre 735 ones that aren’t set have “Color Samples Shipped” as their status. Everything else is already set. There aren’t many color samples shipped remaining pre 735 so odds are not looking good.

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I see, thank you for the explanation.
I was under the assumption that if a reservation was made, I can purchase that spot in line. Whether or not it is for a full size or compact truck. They will make either, as long as its paid for.

So I’m looking for a GFC made for a chevrolet 6’5” bed.

You can buy one later in line like that. I’m 721. It’s being built.

It is crazy to think that GFC will have finished close to 1000 campers since their conception by the end of this year.

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