Review: Door Mat

I wanted to share this door mat I’ve been using that’s given me a lot of joy. This TrafficMaster commerical door mat at Home Depot has been doing a phenomenal job of keeping the outside stuff contained, and the truck bed clean.

The grid pattern makes cleaning the mat easy. All I’ve been doing is removing the mat from the truck and shaking outside. Give it a few kicks on the backside, and it’s clean again!

The rubber bottom and weight has enough grip to hold in place when driving around. It’s got a tapered low profile, and doesn’t cause you to trip on it. Also, soft to the touch so walking barefoot isnt awkward.

I’ve got it setup as my indoor “mud room” mat for footwear to dry.


  • $16 and available at Home Depot
  • Absorbent
  • Agitates dirt and debria off footwear
  • Perimeter is raised rubber and contains moisture.
  • Drys quickly* (heated GFC)
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Lightweight
  • Low Profile
  • Soft materials

I purchased the 24" x 36" size mat but they do have a few other options. This is a great size for one person but maybe consider a larger one if you have more gear or people.



I appreciate your review. I find it slightly comical, but also about to go down to the Depot and pick one up.

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Followed your link…$12.97 at my local HD. I’m wary of how well it would work since it is missing the usual overland tax price tag and it wasn’t laser cut to fit one truck and one truck only.


Nice flooring too. Did you glue the flooring down to a sheet of plywood so you don’t have the ridges from the bed?

Sweet! It was cheaper when I picked it up at at the store than the the online price. Just wanted to play it safe.

No glue. Just the mats directly set on the Tacoma bed. I just interlocked them like normal, then cut around the fender wells on one side for better fit. It’s good enough for less than an hours worth of work. Surprising it does have some insulating properties and mutes a lot of the ridge feeling under your feet. Would definitely recommend!

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I have a different Lowe’s knock off… seems like it might be off the same factory line. I got this and starting using it as is, but pretty quickly realized I needed to put a little velcro on it to keep it rolled up. This is a key mod and a useful hack. It’s the quiet hero of the build. My only complaint is mine has a slightly brown color to the mat and that is a little off-putting to the overall aesthetic albeit better at hiding mud.

Was under $10 and would have happily paid up to $14.


I looked at both in-person and agree they seem really similar. I chose the Home Depot black mat because it blended in. No issues with it rolling up, it’s about 2 months. For sure this is the quiet hero of the build!

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But Lowe’s has a tap to pay feature at check out and Home Depot you have to insert your card into the chip reader. Home Depot tends to have better functioning barcode scanners at self check out… I find the blue visually more appealing than the orange, but the orange tends to make me want to do manual work more than the blue. The probability of going to Lowe’s, getting stuff for a project, and then coming home and taking a nap is about 230% higher than when I shop at HD.

I should also note that my Lowe’s mat is currently rolled up in a Home Depot milk crate. The milk crate - a mod I have seen in the trunks of many cars over my lifetime, is equally useful in the GFC for holding things like Windshield washer fluid, any oils you may be leaking, and yes… a rolled up velcro enclosed door mat.


good to know! Thanks !

I had about 30-40 people ask me for photos, so here’s how I did it:


Dude don’t make those of us who just leave it unrolled all of the time look like slobs…



Where can I find one of these engineered lightweight boxes?


I might recommend a local aerospace surplus yard or perhaps get something custom fabricated. I’ve heard unobtanium is a good material for these applications