Rig'd Supply MEGA Fit Tire Swing

This one is designed for full sized vehicles, Silverado/Sierra, Ram, Tundra, etc.
I have only had this tire swing for approximately 7mos, so it’s in new condition.
The license plate mount with light affixed is already mounted.
Asking: $1200
I’m in the Akron, OH area and can also be reached at jorsine@prodigy.net.

On a side note, I currently have (new in the box) the Rig’d Ultra Table and Hitch extension (for mounting a bike rack to it). However, I’m more than likely going to send them back with in the next few days if I don’t have any takers on a complete package.
The Table costs $399 and the anti-wobble hitch extension $100.

RIGd actually just made a forum with a marketplace on it. You should try posting it there. Here’s the link for you:

I did not know this. Thanks

I’d take this if you were closer! GLWS

Where are you out of?

This item has been SOLD.