Rigd Ultra Swing

I have a 2021 Tundra and was curious…those of you that have the Rigd Ultraswing, are you happy with it? If you had to do it all again would you purchase it? Seems like a cool option but certainly not necessary. I love having a backup camera and it seems like the kit that you get through Rigd is riddled with problems. Just looking for feedback for those of you who have it, what do you like/dislike etc.? Do you use the cooking area a lot? Any info is appreciated.

I have a 2020 tundra with the Rigd ultraswing and I love it. Banged it up on trails and it holds strong. The table mount and cutting board is useful for extra table space, i actually put a propex heater on it at night and run the heat tube into the gfc tent. I also like throwing a trasharoo-like bag on the spare to keep trash out of the bed/gfc. Keeps things clean and prevents odors in there. Another bonus is if you use need spare fuel or water storage and have some rotopax, you can get the spare tire mount, like some jeeps use. I forget the brand, but it wraps around the spare and you can mount a rotopax on either side. On longer trips I use one, but typically for water storage since the tundra already has a massive fuel tank.

Regarding the backup camera, I had a shop install and wire it for me and the only problem I had was the angle of the camera after the install; however, it was an easy fix. The problem is with the L bracket that Rigd supplies. It is a 90 degree L bracket so when the camera is installed, it pretty much faces down at the ground. Fortunately the bracket can be bent upwards with some pliers to more of a 45 degree angle which resolves the problem. I can post a pic if you would like.

The biggest negative for me is that the Rigid can add some weight, especially with a heavy wheel and 35+ e rated tire. Nevertheless, I leave mine on permanently, so i am used to it. I guess one more point, if you are getting a gfc you should already be thinking about adding deaver leaf springs and if you get a rigid as well you should definitely add deavers and probably bump stops too.


I have had one for the last year and I love it with the table+cutting board combo. Group camps are so much easier as I tend to cook for everyone. It’s a very sturdy, useful product and while you are adding some weight to your rear, it still weighs half the weight if not more of the full steel bumper (70ish pounds w/o a wheel, 115 ish with.) Another huge plus is that it has the 10,000 pound tow-rated hitch that is part of the hitch insert that holds it into your crossmember hitch + a hitch on the swing out that is very useful if you ride bikes-you can throw on your bike rack and it will swing out with the tire. It’s a modular design so you can customize it to your needs-hi-lift holder, maxtraxx holder, etc etc.

I think the only reason you see a lot of them being sold is that people will eventually want to upgrade to a full bumper. Otherwise I don’t see any negative reasoning for selling one other than needing the money maybe?

I do not work for RiG’d nor am I endorsed. However, I think it’s a fantastic product. I will be selling mine off of my 5th gen 4R soon but only because I am getting a full steel bumper.

Hope this helps your decision.

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Ah I see. Departure angle is definitely a factor. I assume you’ve removed your crossmember then and have a tow hitch on the bumper itself? If so, I would recommend not getting the RiG’d or any other hitch mounted carrier because it’s always a gamble with tongue weight and pressure especially while wheeling with a bumper welded tow hitch.

I am working with local fabricators who will make me a bumper that does not delete my stock crossmember because I have a dual sport moto on a hitch rack mounted to the truck about 80% of the year, I can only trust the tongue weight of the tow hitch mounted to the frame.

If I were you, I would look into a local fabricator and see if they can add a single swing out to your bumper before deciding to replace it entirely. I know that it can be done easily with a plasma cutter and welder.

What year and model is your truck? I also don’t want a dual swingout either so I totally understand.

Oh for sure. Everytine I look at my truck and ultraswing, it definitely bothers me a little bit out how far it sits out as does any hitch mounted carrier.

If you have room in your bed, maybe consider a bed mounted tire carrier as a temporary option until you figure out what you want to do about the bumper.

I have the Ultra Swing on my Tundra, and I opted to try their Ramble Rack - bc my Yakima 2-tray would not clear the spare BFG 35” out back. Their stuff is BEEFY. It just WORKS. I definitely see issues with just having all of that extra stuff out back when we spend the weekend in a major city, but when I’m home / exploring our region, it does not bother me. The instant 2-surface kitchen *(tailgate and folding table) is really handy, as is the swing away bike situation.

I just had a new OME leaf pack + added spring installed to accommodate the weight of the GFC + RIGD combo, and while the truck now “feels” pretty spot on, I may actually add another 1” spacer block out back to get the tail to sit higher than the nose when parked. Aside from the rear tongue weight and the added overall length, this is a really solid combo. We actually shoved my 35” under the truck today at the shop (with some noodling to make it fit) so now i am looking at other ways to use the newly opened storage space on the rigd, where the spare was housed. Right next to the 20L water tray, I have space for a large rectangular storage box… and the ideas are coming!

Their bike rack is really pricy, but wow… ripping down a fire road in the desert, with my race bike attached, the setup is not wobbly or flexing or sketch in any way.

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The bike rack is insane. It’s incredible how they managed to be the first company to make a rack that doesn’t move at all when you’re ripping down a fire road! Stoked you’re happy on the set up!


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does the ultraswing affect the blind spot monitoring?

I just purchased a Rig’d ultra swing. I don’t even have my GFC yet (30 days or so out). I can tell you it’s beef. I needed an way to mount a full size spare 37" wheel/tire and I am very happy with how this turned out.

I got the backup camera option for Ford - works like a charm and very very easy to install. The backup sensors howl at me when I back up tho, so I need to use the Forscan tool to shut that off - but otherwise so far love it.

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