Rigid 50" LightBar Attachment to V2 RTT

Looking for some guidance on how to mount a 50" Rigid E-Series Pro light bar. I saw another post with a similar question but no answers.

With the wind deflector on the v2, mounting options seem limited. Maybe it’s a bracket that attached from the side rails? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

GFC makes mounts for the Baja design LP series light but not sure if that’d work or if the bar itself will be too long.

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The front of the V2’s have a track to mount T-Nuts, so I’d use GFC’s 90 degree bracket and match them up to the L brackets that come with the Rigid Lightbar.

Mounting Example w/ GFC’s Bracket

Also, if the end-to-end measurement of the bar is too long for the track, there are 3rd parties that make light bar cradles. Either way, I’d use GFC’s 90 degree bracket.

Cradle: LED Bar Cradle Mount – GGLighting

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Thank you for the product links. I’d like to be able to mount it independently from the top hinge so that when I open the tent the lightbar doesn’t move. Most likely will need something that attaches off the side of the RTT. I will report back when I have found a solution.

My hope is to get something like this. I guess they are fabricated by https://stellarbuilt.com

The front track is independent of the top portion of the tent, so it actually does not move when the tent opens

Oh really?! I never really looked closely. If that’s the case then yes, the 90degree brackets are perfect. I can’t find any examples online. If anyone is here on the forum and could post your lightbar + 90* bracket that would be amazing!

Wes’ example is the best I found with a full light bar (3rd photo in that link I posted above)

Regarding the front track - it’s documented in a few places here, but GFC’s LP brackets are designed to be on the front track anyway.

GFC’s Example

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Thank you! ordered these mounts yesterday. I will report back if they work for the bar I have.