Rimrocker trail in a power wagon

Had a great time doing the Rimrocker from Montrose to Moab. Not a hard trail by any means, but the trail on the Utah side will leave some pinstripes if you have a grown-up truck (just kidding Toyota fans). Incredible scenery and lots of great side trips. I have done the Mojave Road and Death Valley, and this trip was easily comparable.


awesome. I have been to Moab and done most of the trails but not that one. Mojave road is on my list.

I had a guy call my 1500 a starter truck one time. :laughing: Looks like a great trip!

I couldn’t help the comment since this is a mostly Toyota community. No hate for the yotas, us fat kids just don’t get much love here on the GFC forums :grin:.

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Looks like a good time! We’ve been talking about running that trail in the fall when the mountains start to get a little too cold.

Any memorable spots we should try and align our camping with?

We stayed on the Colorado side of the border at about 8000 feet. The temperature lower down was nearly 100 degrees, but at 5pm at our campsite it was a pleasant 80 and there were pine trees for shade. Just before the Utah border there is a reservoir with 2 campgrounds that seemed really nice too. It’s a pretty easy day to the Utah border from Montrose if you aren’t doing a lot of side trips.

Hey there!

We are headed out to run this trail next week in our PW/GFC combo. Just curious how your PW paced on gas during the trip? This will be the longest “trail” we have ran in the truck since we purchased it about a year ago and I am trying to figure out what I should expect on range. A few folks online have recommended jerry cans, but I assume they are in Jeeps with 14-17 gallon tanks.

Aired down on technical trails my PW seems to get high 11-12 mpgs. Dirt roads seems to be 12-14 mpgs. Highway I get 14-17 mpg.

Should I bother trying to figure out how to carry extra fuel? I have a “bedrug” that has multiple tags stating not to carry fuel in the bed due to static discharge. I would need to attach the jerry can to the beef bars or the hitch.


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We could have easily done the trip in one tank. I filled up in Nucla, but it really wasn’t necessary. I only did one side trip off the trail and when we filled up in Moab we were at just over 1/4 tank. Gas mileage offroad is tough to figure, but half of this trail was 2wd where we got decent mileage. We had about 4gal of spare gas, but never even thought about it.
It’s a beautiful trail, you will get some mild pinstripes closer to Moab. Have fun!