Riversmith Low Profile T Track mount

Has anyone used the Riversmith low profile T Track mounting system on the Beef Bars?

I’m wondering if their T system is compatible with the GFC beef Bar t track.

Hey great find didn’t know riversmith made this just ordered and I will update you on how it went. Right now I have my 2 banger direct mounted to the t track but it stand several inches high off the beef bar and looks a little weird. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work but will keep you posted.

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My buddy has one on his beef bars, I had to grind down the slot nuts to fit in my Front Runner cross bars. You should be fine if you have beef bar or 8020 series rack

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Worked great and looks awesome. Swapped out the Riversmith standard T track nuts for the GFC 1/4 T nuts.



Thanks for the reply that looks great. Way better than the tall mounts that look out of place.