Rivian GFC Planning

Yes, there was some talk about aux batteries (even one for the Gear Tunnel), but that would be super heavy (and super expensive), so the answer really is more charging stations. Esp if you want to be clean and not run a diesel generator to power your EV, of course. The interesting thing about Rivian’s charging network map is that they are going to “adventure-oriented” destinations with fast chargers. Yes, it will take some time to light them all up, but they aren’t just shoving fast chargers next to Teslas

So, super charging stations will not be standardized? They should have to be.

Have to admit that the rivian does look very cool. If they partnered with KOA to have charging stations that would seem like a good win for both parties

I was particularly impressed with the storage. Having a trunk in addition to the truck bed is actually really cool

Also, the price point is better than I expected. I mean, compared to a model X Tesla at least. Obviously still crazy money to spend on a truck

There is a charging network being built out as we speak which will eventually be world wide. There already is a considerable amount of coverage and we are picking up the pace daily.

There are also two different networks being built, a standardized version which charges very slow, but anyone with an EV can “fill up”, and a Rivian exclusive that charges much faster.

There also may or may not be something very similar to an electric jerry can coming soon. Not super heavy, can’t speak about pricing at this point either.

I currently have a solar setup on my truck and know there is a possibility for the same solution, albeit not as robust as a charge station, but will still charge the vehicle.

And actually, it is possible to get more than 300/400 miles using Rivian’s regenerative braking and tow charging features.


That regen is something folks forget about, also idling while getting out of vehicle to see things, check obstacles, etc. If you’re in a group you spend more time out of the vehicle than in I swear LOL. I think EV offroad is great if you are able to access a fast charger. Please build some up in the UP; if you guys did that I’d convert tomorrow. It’s almost impossible to go up north with an EV right now.

Now that these are trucks are arriving for people, do we have any first timers??

My deposit is on the R1S so I get to keep waiting…

Just got back from visiting my bro in Bozeman, and looking at a April / May delivery for my R1T

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