Rivian GFC Planning

Just wondering if there are any Launch Edition Rivian R1T truck people on here planning a build, or a GFC RTT? I’m going to require a skibox on top of the RTT (otherwise I would probably go superlight), but curious if there are any other considerations. With the shorter R1T bed, I will likely want the tent elevated.

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Hmmmmmm… Maybe. :wink:

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Picking up my Tacoma GFC in a couple weeks, but this would be the dream build for me (can’t quite justify it as a grad student lol). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


had to google that :pensive: got to the point of “vegan leather” AKA pleather? don’t know about any of you, but plastic seats suck in the summer. the truck sounds awesome on paper I hope they do well and can’t wait to see this build

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Excited to see what you come up with! Maybe you will change my mind on Evs
Long distance 7+ day camping trips without a way to charge up is the only negative I see with evs
Would be awesome to see a gofast ontop an alpha motors wolf

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Yeah, the tough thing is some of the materials are new - sustainability and eco-friendly are obv going to be core tenants for most EV’s, which I appreciate as a camper, fisherman, skier, surfer, MTB’er etc… Hey, at least the seats are heated AND ventilated! Guess we’ll see at some point this summer…


Yessir, that does look like a fun little beast. The lines remind me of an old Brat or Nissan P/U from 1980. I don’t do much remote long duration camps (more weekender stuff in the NE), but I could see how that could be a concern with battery life. You can tow charge, you can also charge via generator, and Rivian’s network is building out charging in “adventure” zones & nat’l parks, so we’ll see. The first build is spec’d with 300MI range (which will be less off-road of course), but looks promising. Don’t ask me about the floormats, no clue:


  • 300+ mile Large pack standard
  • Off-Road Upgrade with reinforced underbody shield, dual front bumper tow hooks and air compressor
  • Powered tonneau cover
  • Gear Guard
  • Rivian Elevation audio by Meridian
  • Natural-grained ash wood interior finishes
  • Perforated vegan leather seating with patterned stitching
  • Heated and ventilated seats
  • Driver and passenger lumbar adjustment
  • Compass Yellow interior accents
  • 100% recycled microfiber headliner
  • Chilewich floor mats
  • Priority delivery
  • Launch Edition interior badging
  • Special Launch Green paint color option
  • 20” All-Terrain or 22” Sport wheel upgrade included
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Hate to be that guy…but I don’t see a channel to mount any topper let alone a GFC.

. Also I’m a big fan of this offering as competition is always better, but just FYI they will be late to delivery. I work in auto and my wife is an account manager for a supplier to them. I would just keep your expectations in check as brand new companies have a lot of hurdles to overcome.

I’m not one of those guys with poor expectations. I pre-ordered back in 2019, and I have seen the delays caused by COVID with labor and the resulting supply chain challenges. 1st orders are scheduled to be delivered end of June, and I’m likely looking at Fall of this year. I’m also interesting in the RTT as I mentioned, so I can mount my ski box over the RTT on beef bars (not a topper). Rivian already has a set of aero bars the fit nicely into the slots in your photo, and fit into the roof. They teamed-up with Yakima for a tent, but i’d much prefer a RTT to a big bulky Yakima that has a lengthy set up and take down time for my purposes, and I’d prefer a clam-shell hard top for WX protection. I’m not sure if Yakima’s overland rack system, or a yet-to-be-released Rivian elevated bed rack will slot directly into the bed, or if I might need to find something else to support the RTT so it can extend forward up and over part of the Rivian roof-line (TBD). Just starting to think about all this stuff and that configuration. The R1T site shows the Yakima tent set-up I mentioned, but it just sits over the bed (not up over the cab): https://rivian.com/r1t This video also shows the camp kitchen (which is riduclously expensive at $5K and not something I need, but cool concept for the gear tunnel): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz8pTXDYg1E


Yep I’ve seen a ton on that truck. It’s a great design, that camp kitchen is a pretty solid setup and great that they’re offering it as an OEM add on. It looks to me more like any add ons have to go through the holes in the bedside, so you’d be limited at first, but getting the RTT version could work. I’m sure GFC can find a way to mount to those (I would hope), but that will be down on the list of trucks I believe. As for deliveries by June that just isn’t going to happen; I hope I’m wrong, but all my inside information says they’d be lucky to deliver by 2022 any model. They have suppliers that aren’t even fully tooled up which means prototypes haven’t been delivered. That type of process takes a few months and end of June is 3 months away.

Is that so? Because I work for them directly, and that’s not entirely accurate. :blush:


They (the supplier) haven’t even finished prototype tooling with a 1-2 month backlog before even getting to 2nd prototype/SORP. That’s just a small piece of the puzzle. From what I hear that supplier may be getting booted, but if so that only pushes the timeline further. Again not trying to have a pissing contest, but new companies without history of production processes will take a lot longer to get things up to speed especially with the first debut. Delays between that and Covid are expected imo.

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I get where you’re coming from, and if I could tell you exactly what’s happening, I would. I am allowed to say that your timeline assumption of our deliveries is incorrect.


:+1: I’d love to see one in person, do you guys plan on having any displays offered around Plymouth?

Only thing I can say about this is there will be a “showroom” near you where you can go and check them out. Dealers really hate this approach haha. We have a few retail spots planned for opening very soon around the U.S. as well.

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That would be a massive fail on Rivian’s part if they don’t change the bedrails to accommodate toppers, bedcovers, and so on. I think a GFC camper will look rad on the R1T.

I really like their product and plan on buying one once they build a sufficient charging grid across the country—something that has taken Tesla nearly a decade to do.

I should note that one reason I would like the RTT up high, is because the bed has an electric / retractable tonneau cover built in. The tonneau rolls behind the cab. There is excellent storage under the tonneau, in the gear tunnel and of course in the “frunk”, and if I can mount a set of overlanding-style racks, side-rails & bars into the designated slots, I would have exactly what I’m looking for.

I still don’t get how you get over 300 miles on a charge? Sure there are charging stations but what about when you’re in the middle of nowhere? Doesn’t this limit your options? I took a ride in a friend’s new Tesla the other day. Wow that thing is fast. I think these vehicles are all super ugly butt the torque is unbelievable.

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Well, at the risk of sounding like a wise-ass, if you have 300 mile range, then you don’t get over 300 miles. Just like with gas, if you are on E, you are on E.

So, if you want to “top-off” you stop at a charging station. Launch customers will get the large battery pack (300+ Mi Range) and if you wait until 2022 you can also pay more for an XL with 400+Mi Range.

The charging information can all be found here: https://rivian.com/support/article/where-can-i-charge

ALSO - Yes, when I first saw the Rivian I thought it looked a little wierd (not UGLY, but there are plenty of butt-ugly EV’s out there, to your point). I know think the Rivian is one of the best-looking trucks out there. Must have grown on me after watching the Long Way Up with Ewan McGregor. And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder


What I was getting at with the range is that there are far less charging stations available especially once you get out into rural areas. Also if you are on a trail that is in the middle of nowhere you often carry gas cans. Here in California they are going to make it more and more difficult to use a gas vehicle so I assume someday I will be forced to kind of like e bikes.