Road shower on a go fast?

Anyone got one? Got pic of it or mounting options? Also what size works best with the go fast lines


I have the small road shower (4g I believe). I don’t have my camper yet. What I do know is, when I had the road shower mounted running front to back on my Tacoma, I HATED the feeling of the water sloshing back and forth at each start and stop. My hope is to mount it left to right on the nose of the camper… As soon as I have an update for you, I’ll post it here.

Random note about road shower… I’ve found this product to be very finicky as well… if your rig ain’t level-level, all the air is coming out and little to no water will. I find it impossible to gauge each showers length… to be completely honest thinking about selling it and going back to the solar bag shower.




Hey guys,

I just wanted to note that we do not recommend mounting a Road Shower to the utility track of your camper if you intend to travel with it full of water. The universal/awning brackets (and the utility tracks for that matter) were designed around mostly fixed objects being mounted to them. The water inside the Road Shower is an unpredictably dynamic load, and therefore we cannot endorse mounting the shower in this orientation.

The GFC approved mounting for Road Showers and similar products is to mount them to the roof of your camper with Beef Rack or crossbars. If you must mount the shower to the side of your utility track, we don’t recommend leaving it full when in transit.

Final note: it’s a free country, so do what you feel is right. Use common sense, and if you decide to ignore my sage advice…proceed with caution. :us: :man_teacher::warning:


Thanks for the official answer, cheers.


Hi and sorry for reviving. Appreciate your advice. To my mind, the main issue is the low water pressure. I’d like to recommend professional high-pressure showerheads from Hopopro, SparkPod, or HO2Me(mine) to improve it

I would love to find a high pressure head like one of those - that’s more of an on/off design (like a garden nozzle). My waterport is something like 5 gallons - I can’t use a regular shower head.

I use rago plates on my bed rails to mount my 8 gallon weekender. Works flawlessly.


Would you please post pictures of how your weekender is mounted.

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Pics if you don’t mind please

I’ve mounted my weekender on myroof rack horizontal to the front. It’s the same height as the GFC, and kind of blends in because it matches colors.


Nice. That’s how I have my Roadshower installed, too. Except I don’t leave the hose on. I take it off after each trip.

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Sorry for the slow response. Here you guys go. This has served me well.


When full does it flex the mount?

Yes, it flexes. I’ve taken it offroad a few times and it’s held up, no problem. I have some self-tapping screws that I haven’t had time to install to reinforce it around where the rago brackets mounts to the rails.

how did you mount it to the crossbar?

Tapped the 80/20 bars the rack came with and used the provided roadshower hardware.

Good idea! I like this shot

Awesome. Thats kind of what I thought you did, but wanted to check. Thanks for the info!

Hello- I have the exact same GoFast and Prinsu roof rack that posted in an online image. I’m hoping you can share the details of how you attached your Yakima Road Shower to the rack. Thanks