Rob’s DCSB TRD OR 4x4 build

Build so far:

2021 TRD OR DCSB 4x4

265/75r16 Goodyear Wrangler Ultraterrains
Stock TRD OR wheels
OME HD leaf pack 3”
3” OME lift with 888 coils
Baja designs sport ditch lights
Baja designs Sport SAE fog lights


Love the aesthetic, looks great. How did you black out the wheels? I powder coated mine and am super happy but it was a real pain.

I’m just using some black decals at the moment. Cheap and easily reversible. Kind of a place holder if/when new wheels may be purchased.

I’ll post some more pictures of the internal build over the next week or so now that I’m back home. Here are a few pics from last nights little stop in Oregon.

Tossed some Xbull recovery boards in the back for now until i can spend some time on a quality permanent mounting spot.

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Super basic little set up has worked well for us since last spring. Mostly 2-5 day trips. We’ve had 4 people chillin on the platform playing cards without an issue. The bins hold everything we need for a multi day camp and nearly all of our gear for backpacking as well. Being as we are Travel PT’s, my fiancee and I need to load all of our belongings in the back for moving and this style of simple set up allows us to do exactly that. Looking to add some form of power bank/battery system (suggestions please) and potentially a diesel heater (case style) for winter ski trips.


The OME’s do not disappoint. Had a couple overnights in the Shasta-trinity forest. Lows in the high 30s we were more than cozy up top with our pupper. Was very surprised when we woke up with 0 condensation. Both power vent windows open 1/2 way. No added heat source but our 15 degree bags kept us cozy. Second night was in a rather humid valley near a steady stream as well.

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Anyway you could measure how tall your setup is from the ground to the top of your GFC in inches? I’d like to know if I can park in my garage if I go with a similar setup……thank you

About 7’ even maybe a hair under.