Roll up mattress for bed

Hey all,
My wife and I are planning on sleeping up top in our GFC (we have a 2021 Tundra w/ 6.5 bed). Looking for a roll up (not blowup) mattress pad for the bed of the truck for our two kids to sleep on. Cabelas used to make a sick roll up mattress pad (queen size) that has since been discontinued. Does anyone have any thoughts on a good roll up that is sturdy and has a removable cover that can be washed?

Looking at Cabelas cot pads right now but would love to have one solid pad as opposed to two. Thanks in advance.

I use a Simmons siesta mattress for this purpose. It works great and is really comfortable and comes with a fitted sheet. Only cons are they are a little bulky when rolled up and they do have some condensation on the bottom after a cold night but I just flip it over when I wake up and it’s dry before I head out