Rolling up, falling down outer tent fabric. What's the trick?

Just got my GFC in Montana, very exciting. When one rolls up the tent fabric they just fall down (expected through gravity, ha ha). Should they have ties or something on them or is this the way they are designed? The tents I’ve slept in have laces or velcro or something to hold rolls up and in place.

there should be a carabiner and loop at the top of the door


As @blackhearse mentioned, there should be a loop and carabiner at the top of the doors to hold them up.

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or let me help spend your money:


If you roll them under instead of just rolling them up the side you can then zip them down slightly at whatever height you’d like and they’ll stay in place fairly well. Or you can get some cheap clamps at harbor freight to hold them open if you’d rather not have them fully open with the carabiner.


That rain fly kit is clutch, should be included with the camper IMHO but glad someone is making it available.

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Clamps…great idea

I got these and they work great. ShittCo. on Instagram: "📢 Attention y'all!! 📢 Hey fellow Go Fasters!! 📢 Shittco Awning Hack V2.0 is back in stock, fresh from the anodizer! And this time the kit includes these sweet black tent rods, along with the hard ano'd blocks, t-nuts, cap screws and tarp clips. The price is $105 American shipped. Yes I know it's $15 bucks more than before but that is to cover the rods and the extra shipping/handling costs. So, if you're interested in a kit slide into my DM'S and I'll tell you how to order! BTW I'm still only using PayPal. I only have 25 kits available so don't slack, get some shit!! #shittco #makinshitsince66 #showyourshit #theoriginal #randdnotcopied #dowork #showyoursupport #awninghack #anolog #cncwhat #gfc #gofastcampers #gfcfamily"


I think my carabiner is in wrong location? The only way that the tent fabric can be held up is by rolling up BOTH the bug screen and tent fabric because the red carabiner is on the inside of fabric and bug screen. This is unacceptable due to skeeters. SO I made an expensive and complex mod (ha ha) using a piece of shock cord and a leftover plastic hook and I have to admit it works great. One side of the cord is attached to one existing nylon black loop and the plastic hook attached to the other existing nylon black loop. Now the tent fabric alone can be rolled up and easily clipped using the plastic hook. Can be executed from inside or outside. See pics. A carabiner or even a piece of coated wire would work also - sure there’s many ways to keep fabric rolled up & the bug screen zipped closed.

Looks like you have 3 loops; one on the outside, one in the middle between the outer tent fabric and bug screen, and one inside? If so, just move your carabiner to suit your needs. We typically have kept the carabiner in the middle so we can roll the outer tent door up while leaving the bug screen zipped.


Thought the carabiner was fixed, not sure. Will look but if 'biner moves that would work. Thanks

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