Roof Fan Tips and Tricks

Hey y’all, after much hemming and hawing I just ordered a Maxxair fan. I’m fairly confident about installing the fan in the roof itself, but would love if folks chimed in with tips they wish they new before they installed theirs. My main concern is wiring and powering the fan, so far most of the posts about setting the fans up have been about cutting the hole, and I’ve seen very little about the power supply side of things. I’m planning on powering the fan with my portable battery (knock off Goal Zero), the battery should have plenty of power to run the fan thankfully. How are folks connecting their fans to their power supply? I’ve seen that a 12v socket with a built in fuse is often recommended, does anyone have and tips on this?

Super helpful reply! My electrical system is a lot more barebones than yours right now. The only thing I’ll have plugged into my battery bank full time is probably going to be the fan. So I don’t think I need a full on fuse box. I’ve seen cigarette style 12v plugs (not sure what the name of those is) with an inline fuse, would that be sufficient for the fan as long as it’s the proper wiring for the fan?