Roof Rack for DCSB Tacoma's with a GFC

I was ready to buy a Prinsu rack as it was the only option I have seen that works with a GFC. Just came across this that looks good, has good reviews, lower cost and also works. Looks like a good alternative.

and they have a Black Friday discount going BF2021

I believe Sherpa makes one now as well

I have this rack and love it! This is not common, but if you have after market bedrail caps clearance will be an issue and you’ll have to modify the rack. If you have OEM caps it’s perfect

Correct. I have the Sherpa Animas. I love it.

I have the Martin Offroad Rack… originally had the full length one but chopped it to make it fit… I was given the template for the camper version and followed that as closely as I could and it fits great!

of course, it’s a great option, a lot of free space upstairs. But it depends on how do you want to use it! As far as I saw, they are very durable and withstand large weights thx to the crossbars. But for bikes or stuff like that, I’d prefer smth similar to it

bit late to the party - but apart from thats my truck in the martin offroad pic, and its now on my wifes 3rd gen, i sport a martin drifter rack now, they are great, and he is an awesome guy

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100% agree with the quality Martin Off Road products and service. Love the Tundra version of the same rack.

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I’m selling my 36" sherpa rack in the Marketplace if anyone is interested. Fits a 3rd gen tacoma double cab with a GFC.


Bumpy bump mc bump bump

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I’m interested! Is it still available?

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Yup! Still got it. It’s in San Francisco currently.