Roof Rack on Cab

As far as roof racks on top of cab combined with a GFC;

  • What works? Models, manufacturer, style

  • What doesn’t work?

  • What is strapped to it and how?

  • Would you do anything different? After install of one model, change to something else after more reserch?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I was literally about to get on and ask about this, but there’s a guy on tacoma world who started manufacturing a roof rack that fits pretty seamlessly with the campers. I think they may only be for the short bed, but it might be worth a shot.

I’ve got the one from gmartin on tacomaworld. It fits great.


Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it…looks a lot like the Prinsu habitat rack?

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It’s similar, but this one is quite a bit shorter I think and the lines match the front of the camper exactly.

Yes I sent him a message, rather not put a rack on that will need to be removed when the GFC is ready.

Mind me asking cost?

I can’t remember what it cost me exactly. I helped him get it dialed in so it was a back and forth with a couple different racks and shipping numbers so I can’t remember the price. I did sell my full prinsu to buy this one and I remember I came out ahead on money.

Nice I am doing that now with front bumpers. BAMF just came out with one for the 3rg Gen Tacoma that is solid!

Hopefully he will reach out to me…if not I will pester him again…

Nice, is that your bumper he just finished on IG in the last couple days?
And he should respond pretty quickly. Here usually responded within 12 hours or so when I was dealing with him.

No not mine. Jerry with BAMF has a deal going on right now so I am number #3 on the list, Ironically I have a CBI T3 for sale that is sitting in the shop now…its a patience build…hence the GFC!!!

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I also ordered a rack from gmartin. Mine will be here on Wednesday. I’ve just invited him to the forum and the thread to talk about the racks. Looks like a great product, and I can’t wait to get mine!

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Sounds awesome! Just shared some messages with him…any conflicts with the sunroof?

Yeah, it lowers the headliner so much my head rubbed. I intentionally bought a truck without!!

No idea about the rack though! Haha

Agreed! I am 6’-2" and wish I had not got the skylight!

Thanks for the input and pun jokes!

Hey guys!

Gage here from Martin Off-Road. If any one has any questions or would like more information on the GFC compatible racks feel free to shoot me an email @!



Have you installed your rack? Can you provide some photos if the answer is yes? If the answer is no, then get a move on! lol

Mine will be here this Thursday 9/19 intend on install this coming weekend.

I’ve contacted @gmartin284 about purchasing a rack. Just timing it right for when my GFC finishes. What brand case do you have on your rack?

I’ve got a Plano gun case on mine.

I have two each Pelicans but not sure yet what I plan on putting on the top rack, whatever it is will be light to prevent being top heavy. I am off camber a lot!

I’m wondering if the Prinsu cab rack on a 3rd gen tacoma clears the GFC. Seems like I’ve seen pictures of a couple trucks with that combo but the pictures weren’t detailed enough for me to see how much clearance was left. I’ll cut mine down if I have to but I was liking the idea of having the gap filled in front to back.