Roof Rack options on 2022 Silverado

Working with the 2022 Silverado, I’m curious if anyone has found a rack that will sit on the unused section of the vehicles roof?
Thinking wind deflection but was wanting more than just a deflector.
Also open to a standard defector if folks have ideas or direction - I however may end up just making/creating a deflector if I cannot locate a rack.

Anyone else out there with a chevy and a GFC that has or has looked for this item?
I notice that companies like Sherpa make some, but loan behold not for the Chevy.
Photo attached of what I am looking for.

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I would check with Martin Off-road. They made one for my Tundra even though it isn’t listed on their website and it is great. They make a lot of GFC related racks and were great to work with.


I appreciate this🙌.
Email sent to Martin Off-Road.

Let me know what you hear back! Interested as well. Thought about mounting a front runner wind fairing but a half cab roof rack would be a nice touch.

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Absolutely will. To be honest i had spoken with someone and lost their info. kicking my self now…