Roof Rack that fits under the GFC overhang

Hello, my name is Scott. I own AL Offroad Products ( This past Saturday we installed our Onyx roof rack on (IG) Here4Advernture’s rig. We are Super Excited to say our Tacoma roof rack is so low profile that it fits under the overhang of his GFC and clears by about 1". We wheeled a bit and tested it on trails to see if there would be any interference and there was zero. I wanted to reach out to your community to let you know this great news.
We are working on new racks and products all the time and we hope to help serve your community more and more in the future. Please feel free to reach out to us on FB @ALOffroadProducts or IG @ALoffroad


Hi @ALoffroad,

Can you provide more details on the exact models/bed config your racks fit on? (underneath a GFC)… Only 2nd/3rd gen tacos? Long or short bed? Any other Toyotas?


Thank you for your reply. Our current Tacoma rack fits all 05 - Present double cab Tacoma’s. We installed this on a 3rd Gen Tacoma long bed with the GFC Platform Camper.


How about an onyx roof rack for a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison?

We do have the Colorado and Ranger on our list. The problem with them is that there are not factory mounting holes and people are less likely to let us drill there roof for a rack. That is what we have found anyway. Nothing is off the table though, I would not have thought an FJ Cruiser would be our second roof rack project but we got 15 pre-orders before we even started designing the rack that made it worth doing. We plan to do the 4Runner next. We have not decided what will be after that. Could it be the Bronco, Colorado, Ranger or maybe a Tundra. The Sky is the limit!

did you flex the rear at all? is there enough room for bed movement under full flex?


Yes, we did and there was no problem. I am not sure if Marcus is on this forum or not but he could tell you. Feel free to contact him on IG @here4adventure

Here is a flexing picture

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Hey Guys! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond to this thread. I just finished a 14 day trip totaling over 4800 miles. I’m the owner of the white Tacoma with the GFC and ALOftroad rack. I traveled to 11 states including the Uinta Mountians, Moab and Colorado. I haven’t totaled up the trails I completed but I did 5-6 that were listed as difficult. I really tested my truck and the GFC/roof rack setup. I had no issues and there are absolutely zero touching while flexed and no signs of the rack touching the GFC when inspected after the trip. It’s somewhat difficult to get a good pic of how well this rack fits the GFC but I’m going to try my best to show with some pictures. Also I have some pretty good flexing pictures. Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

That’s a nice looking rack but pretty sure it will only work on 3rd gens in this respect. Second gens (especially with aftermarket bed caps) don’t have that much room between the roof and overhang.

(not trying to be contrary just an fyi)

Do you have a picture from the side with the GFC on a DCLB?

I have some but I can not post them in here for some reason. Email me and I will send them too you.

Any time table for Tacoma Access Cab?

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