Roof Solar! Bulky Sealant Gland Alternative

Has anyone tried using Scanstruts vertical or horizontal cable seals? I’m planning out my solar build now while I wait for my GFC.

I’m looking for an alternative to the typical bulky entry gland fixed to the roof with some messy looking sealant. I would go through the side but I do a lot of driving through thick forested areas and I would like to avoid running them over the side of the GFC. The roof seams like the safest and cleanest option as long as I can find a way to run it down to the bed of the truck. Looking at some of the instal videos though I wondering if the screws will pop through the roof and be exposed on the other side?

I would just worry about the screws in the honeycomb. I like the concept though.

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I’ll probably ask GFC what they would recommend and go with that. I’ll try to update this thread with the install.

A solution to screwing in to the honeycomb is to make a bigger hole or holes, fill them with epoxy and tap the screws in it and/or drill the cable hole through it. Also keeps possible moisture that may make it in to the composite out.


Thats a really good idea actually. Thanks for the suggestion!

I just drilled a hole in the roof and used one of these to cover it. Held it down with some sealant and butyl tape. Been up there two years with no leaks or issues.


Yeah this is what Im trying to avoid see above.

I went with the option to put cable gland connectors thru my back panel. Figured that holes back there would experience less issues with water intrusion and the panel is easier to replace or just plug up outside of drilling holes in your roof. No sealant, no screws and only using the rubber washer provided. Haven’t had any leaks yet and avoids the curved entry part above.


Yeah, I get that.

But messy sealant is fully up to your install, mine is super clean and not noticeable.

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I did the same.

I’d much rather go through a metal panel than honey comb. If I want to ever sell it in the future, I feel like I could seal to the metal panel easier or even buy a replacement from GFC instead of messing with the roof.

I’m an electrician and the connector jt228 has is the exact same connector used on a lot of weatherproof fixtures. they work great and they are not bulky.

Same. I copied this idea from someone here on the forum a while back. Super simple and works great.

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Hey dbortz do you have a picture of how you mounted your panels onto the beef racks?

@Outbri I used some aluminum flat stock bolted to the underside of the beef bar and then to the OEM panel mounting holes. Hope the photos explain it.

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