Roof top Custom Vinyl

Nice work, I’ve got a Starlink RV on the way should be here next week. How is it in the bush? Many places I camp may not have the best line of sight.

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It struggles in the bush. Even if you’re in any kind of forest it will be tough to have stable connection for zoom calls. I live in UT and spend most of my time out west so it’s ideal for here. If you’re often in forested areas, try to find clearings or high points. There’s also extension poles out there you can find to get your dishy higher.


I do not have a dish, however, I have seen a custom-made mount for the dish that mounts on the side extrusions of the GFC. I will try and find the Instagram account and share it! Essentially it is an L Bracket with two holes drilled for mounting the extrusion. And four holes for the actual mount to attach to the bracket.

The photos will clarify just need a moment to search! Have fun having service just about anywhere!


Thanks to all for all the info and support. After a lot of consideration and wanting to have the flexibility of directing the panels into the sun I bought the Jackery 1000 power station. Most likely overkill what what I’ll be needing, but the 20% off during Amazon days made it attractive enough to pull the trigger. Plus I can use it in my snowmobile trailer. :+1:


Looking forward to seeing the photos! Sounds cool.

Dreamy! Love the roof and seat match up.