Roof top Custom Vinyl

Hey everyone!
Haven’t been on the forums much until recently as my wife and I became v2 owners. First thing we did (aside from camp in it) was design a custom top vinyl that embraces who we are and what we love. We have had a few folks ask about it and if they can get there own custom piece up top. The answer is yes! Absolutely! Each piece is different so each price is different. Feel free to check it out in our instagrams or shoot us an email!

Happy Trails :call_me_hand:t3:


Very nice something different, some of us don’t do Instagram Facebook or any of those would like to have a link to your website or another way to see your offerings.
Great job looks high-quality

Thanks for reaching out! If you reach out to the email above we would love to send you some photos of graphics done in the past. Otherwise you can checkout this link there you can view the style and different types of graphics/art done. Enjoy and Happy Trails

Thx for the link Ill check it out

Are you also doing side panels?

Looking to get something like this on both driver and passenger panels



I’m sure you could send us measurements of the side panels. That way the design can be made fit to size. The only part of this we are completing is the design. The wrap would be printed and installed at a vinyl shop of your choosing. Eventually we will start running and installing or shipping ourselves. Thanks!

Nice. I like the design ya’ll made for Sherpa. They are some cool dudes to wheel with.

Good day. Just sent in an email via your website for pricing. Specifically, I’m interested in this design:


That looks sick! No plans to put solar on the roof?

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Yes I will be putting solar on – and I was thinking about that. This might be a waste of money if it gets covered up too much, but it sure looks awesome! Leaning towards a single 200w Renogy panel.

Honestly the one thing I’m noticing is unless the camper is in a good spot, it’s tough to get it to charge. So I’ve been thinking of getting a portable panel to move it around. So that might be something to consider instead of a permanent install, or something that’s quickly removaBLE. Then you could show off the artwork when at camp. The best of both worlds.

If I understand correctly you’re in CO, so your access to the life giving star is likely better than it is for me up here in central BC. :smiley:


Yep - North Park Colorado! :slight_smile: I have considered a portable panel as well - just laziness with the roof mounted option I suppose. :crazy_face: Makes sense to have the portable option though if constantly parking in trees for shade and what not.

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Have you considered a good solar panel? We use a lensun 100w panel and it’s amazing. Stick, plug and play. If you are interested I can get you a discount.

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Exactly, these tents get warm; so shade is your friend just like a ground tent. So it’s a double edge sword :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When’s your install date? You getting stoked or what?

Hood* solar panel sorry. The vinyl does an amazing job at letting a little bit of light through the top panel. We found the light to be a little to harsh without the vinyl. Stoked to see more of these art works on tents!

July 21 and I’m counting the minutes! I’m still reading the threads and researching the best set up for me. I’ll have a fridge, lights and maybe will put the Maxx fan mini in. Just can’t decide on just getting the power station and a panel or building it from scratch with all the components. Haven’t done solar before so it’s a little daunting.


To get more in-depth with our solar setup…
We have a 100w Lensun Solar panel that sticks to the hood of your vehicle. A vinyl sticker goes on first and then the solar panel lays on top of it. User picks which mounting method they want. We used heavy-duty 3m mounting tape and it works amazing!

This is connected to an mppt controller that is blue tooth, so I can read the power levels via my phone. This works for iPhone and Android.

The panel is hooked up to our secondary battery a group 34 deep cycle oddesy extreme. This powers our Dometic 55cfx, four scene Baja designs lights, charging ports for two phones, iPad, and laptop.

With just 100w we have not had any issues leaving the car sitting for up to three days. We normally drive every other day so that helps with batteries being topped off.

The only thing covering the artwork is our two beef bars which can be placed in different locations to not cover the art fully. I hope this helps you out! Lensun has different hood panels for almost every vehicle. I have attached a photo of the vehicle list they offer panels for as well as a link and code.

Coupon code for the panel: Collin05

You option for 4th Gen rams, TBH is very clunky compared to much more compact options for 100 - 150W. A quality Renogy panel is 1/2 the price of the offerings you’re showing. So really it comes down to personal preference. One has to weigh the pro’s and con’s of having the solar on their hood based on where their house power is.

If it’s under the hood, then it makes total sense. Otherwise it’s a lot of extra wiring that you likely wouldn’t need having it installed closer to the box. At the end of a day, a solar panel is only as good as how much sun you can give it. If it’s on your hood and you’re parked in the shade, then….

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Like you said preference. Just throwing out an option. All the work is done just a couple thins to wire. Our second battery is also in the engine bay so the only wiring I had to do was running cable to the back where the second fuse panel is not. There are so many options out there!

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I actually met Shakarnr near Zion and he showed me the roof vinyl. I was blown away. Just got it done in SLC, and to match my sweet seat covers!

Also been testing out my StarlinkRV. If anyone has questions about it, I’m happy to give the lowdown.