Rooftop antenna relocation solution

I have a Bulletproof Diesel third brake light NMO mount. Due to the hang over the cab I will need a 90 degree female to 90 degree male. Or some combination of NMO to UHF without being hit by the tent.

Anyone have a solution?

Was looking for a similar cable. Will keep an eye on this thread for a solution.

Put the antenna on the tent?

I plan to and have bought the mount for it. I’m trying to connect my existing NMO mount that is part of the third brake light. I don’t want to have to figure out how and where to run another cable from my head unit out to the GFC.

Update: I’ve contacted a custom cable mfg and they don’t have a female NMO adapter. I’ve asked them to piece together a right angle UHF PL259 to 3’ RG-58 cable to NMO mount to fit an Opek or Tram NMO to SO-239 adapter like this one. >> NMO Adapter

I could probably just use an existing PL259 to NMO mount but I worry about the spacing and the tent hitting the bent cable. I should get my v1 next week so I don’t know exactly how much space I’m working with.

I could make one but, if they can spec out and build one better than I can for a few bucks more, I’ll take it.

This is basically what I am working with and the cable I am looking for. I bet you are looking for something similar if not identical.
FYI my current NMO is also on my 3rd brake light (Meso Customs baja designs w/NMO)

Yep, exactly.

I’m surprised there’s not something already. Outdoorsy trucks with ham radios and then add a cab over camper.

I’ll post back if they come up with something or I just piece something together. Would like as few connections as possible.

I reached out to Arc Antenna, which they don’t custom make cables which would work for us.

I reached out to Ham Radio Outlet who seemed promising but they told me they don’t have the right angle connector, which I think is necessary.

Awaiting a response from one more place and I don’t remember the name of the site/company.

Getting closer to the right cable. Now to find a custom length. Would just need to find the right angle adapter end.

Good news. I recently was contacted by Air802. They are able to make the custom cable.

That’s awesome. I’ll verify my measurement and call them. I might need 3’.

Thank you very much!!!

I’m supposed to pick up my GFC next Monday.

What is the projected height of the adapter and PL-259 right angle? How much room do you have between your 3rd brake light NMO mount and the underside of the GFC?

I do not have my GFC installed. My date is 3/20.

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