Rope ladder, would it work?

Looking at using a rope ladder with a mantis style top to clip onto the rails.
Does anyone know if this would work with the weight support on the rear rails?
Thinking of this due to its very convenient for storage and only need a few rungs to get out during night down to bumper height.


I like the idea! Are you referring to the mantis style clips in order push it off the side a bit? My first thought was it might be kind of awkward to use if it just hangs flat across the sides of the camper and truck.

I do not think those would support the weight of an adult, with the ladder suspended like that.


My only thought is the getting out at night for bathroom. I normally close up from inside and not from outside and then climb in.

Can Let me know if this works. I kinda want to free up my backseat from the normal ladder.i seen them do it to the back of vans… only thing with that their doors are normal open.