Rotopax Mount for Beef Rack

Designed a mount for the (4) gallon rotopax that will bolt to the Gfc beef bars, will utilize (4) Gfc track studs, (2) of my mounts and (2) Rotopax DXL Mounts

Any interest out there?


Rotopax mounts are in from laser and are at powdercoat, my website will go live this weekend and orders will be fulfilled and shipped beginning of next week :metal:t3: Check out my IG @lobofabworks for more pictures and products

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Rotopax mounts are in stock DM me to place and order :metal:t3:

Rotopax mounts are $135 a set including shipping, DM to order a set for your GFC

Makes me nervous having those Rotopax up there, they swell up pretty good in the sun.

Better than them being in the bed with the camper closed up