RTT owners, where to put muddy shoes?

hey folks,
I’m about to take delivery of a v2 rtt. i’m here on the rainy side of oregon and play to be using this thing throughout the year. which means dirty shoes. was thinking a small tub or something to put shoes in inside the tent…

any creative solutions to keep shoes dry through the night and not get the inside of the tent all muddy?

hope all is well out there,

These are a great option and made in America (grab a top shelf while you’re at it).

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Dry bag. But the VRNCLR boot bag is nice as long as it’s more or less waterproof.

I have a spoiler that extends off the top of my roof which forms a small platform to set stuff (albeit awkward to reach). For boots I put them upside down between the ladder and the side of my vehicle. Both obviously only work in dry weather so eventually I’d like to try to sew something together that is removable but can hang off the side like a traditional RTT

Cheap dry bag works well for my buddy… just don’t leave them in for too long or you’ll be baking up a stinky surprise!

@scoutdog I am surprised GFC has not designed a little pouch for one’s shoes.

Just installed the tent today with the help of a friend! stoked to get out in this thing.

kinda thinking i’ll toss a little 6” high tubberware thing inside the tent for shoes and see how that goes! a soft bag sounds like a more long term solution, but who knows.

Same here, hooked onto ladder.
But it never precipitates in Nevada

The old-fashioned way I keep my shoes only in the house. If they get dirty while running, I almost always dry them at home and then clean them with a dry brush. If I manage to get them dirty or wet outside during rainy weather, I put them under a shelter or put an electric heater in them. True, then you still have to wash them, but you have to dry them before that so the shoes don’t get moldy. I bought air jordans 1 mid for walking, and on the first day my feet got wet from a downpour. I had to dry my shoes in the dryer. They withstood the temperature and didn’t even go bad. I don’t know about the rest of the sneakers, I was lucky.

Did anyone here come up with a solution for a shoe/boot bag? Almost bit the bullet but having trouble justifying spending $150 for the VRNCLR one (tax and shipping).

Ikea bag has been my solution


the big blue bag? lol

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Ended up ordering this one to hook on the side ladder. I own quite a few of his tool pouches that are great! Only downside right now is the 3-4 week turnaround time.

Ive been keeping my wet, sandy, or muddy gear in IKEA bags or the reusable shopping bags. Elastic foldable and out of the way then there when you need it.
Plus easy to hose out and reuse. And if you want to get real bougie you can get the patagucci versions


That’s what I’m talking about. It i want them outside a carabineer or 2 and it’s done. Stores easily, can bring inside and cheap


I kick mine off before climbing up the ladder or through the bed.

I have a Decked system in a 5’ short bed Tacoma…there’s a perfect 3-4" space between the shut tailgate and the front of the drawers where you can set your boots. When you get out of the tent and drop the tailgate your footwear is right there and you never need to store dirty boots in the living/bedroom area. It’s like a mini mud room. You do need to pay attention if it’s going to be raining though and turn your shoes sole side up as sometimes water will drip down into that tailgate area, sucks if it’s dripping into the top of your boots all night.

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