RTT V2 for sale in CA

Hi there GFC’rs

I am selling the new version of the GFC roof top tent with racks, brackets, awning, etc. All parts are from GFC with the exception of the awning. Also, the tent is the orange color. The tent is only one year old and used about 10 times. Located in the San Francisco area and used for beach camping, only. Selling because want to go other route…maybe GFC camper?! Also, willing to drive to meet up but will depend on distance. Asking $4500 bucks for all of it. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Here are specifics on parts with original pricing not including taxes.

GFC RTT V2 $4000
Mounting brackets $65
Beef rack Bars (2) $400
Universal crossbar $250
Ladder $290
Sheet $95
EZ Awn Swift $600

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Would you consider selling the RTT only?

Hi there Yes I would sell separately. Where are you located?


If not sold, I’m very interested. In OC, available anytime this week to come check it out. DM sent.

Hi there. Still have and one other guy interested. The reason hasn’t sold already is because there is a small bubble like formation on the top panel. GFC is apparently sending replacement to Sacramento shop. When arrives they will fix at no charge. The other potential buyer is waiting because they live in Seattle and they do not have a local shop to help them address the panel issue. Thanks for checking in. Will keep you updated if interested.

Would this fit a ford raptor…2019?

Interested, I’m in Orange County, and can drive up around your area to meet.

Hi - is the tent still available? Thank You!

Is this still available?