RTT V2 low speed wind noise + 4runner

Looking to see if anyone else is experiencing a whirl or whistle sound with their v2 RTT on 5th gen 4runner. It happens around 35-45 mph. Once I get above that speed the sound goes away.

I believe it is coming from the front of the tent. There was another forum post which pointed out the drain plugs?

Any ideas on what could be causing this and a possible solution?


There’s a good chance this can be solved by a 3D printed part we have in-house called the “whistle reducer”. This piece clips into the drain hole at the front of your RTT and takes only a few seconds to install. Essentially it acts as a mini fairing.

Send a service request form over to our CX team and they can send one your way to see if that helps.

Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply. I will send a service request now.

That has been driving me nuts since I got my tent too! There is a pretty large pill-shaped cut out on the lower section of the front beam, right in the middle. I slapped a piece of tape over it and it went away instantly. I went back and cut a smaller hole to allow water to drain, but honestly my test always drains from the corners or, just drains directly into the tent area. Will definitely be interested in a whistle-reducer.

Sorry to hear you’ve had some whistling as well. That pill shaped drain hole is a functional part of the design, and we do not recommend covering it, but it sounds like our whistle reducer will be the right fix for you as well. Rad.

Prior to making any “fixes”, please be sure to reach out to our support team. :metal:

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