Running power inside Platform RTT

Hey folks. I was thinking about running 12V from a dual battery into the Platform RTT to run lights and a heated mattress pad. It seems like drilling through the bottom fiberboard panel might be the only option. Has anyone else run power into one of these? Show me your 12V setups!

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What’s the platform RTT mounted to?

I have an assortment of stuff, string lights, electric blanket, charging ports, but it’s not all permanently mounted inside of the tent, so I didn’t have to drill through anything.

All the wires are coiled together within conduit and go from my rear window (4Runner) into the main tent window.

That’s an interesting approach worth some thought.

I have the 4Runner-specific mounts for the RTT. I pop it off and hoist it off in the garage when I’m not using it, so I’m looking for something that’s not 100% permanent as well.

I chose not to modify it permanently for the sake of resale value.

Depending on where your 12v outlets are, just bulk the wires in conduit and route it properly to avoid interference with opening/closing the hatch or side door.

I’ve gone through so many iterations, that the only wire that goes from the cab into the tent is my electric blanket wire. The lights and charging ports are all rechargeable, so they stay in the tent full time. If I ever have to run it directly to my outlet, then I use conduit to keep it tidy.

Just got my RTT and am interested in doing the same. Originally was considering routing through the floor panel but after reading this have another idea. Am thinking about running power along the side on the outside with a plug-in near one of the side doors. Then have one just inside the tent that would plug in to the outside plug-in. Everything would be right there and once the tent is open just have to plug it in.

Anyone done something similar? Any ideas for mounting a connecter on the side using a weatherproof Anderson type plug?