Running without rear door

I removed my rear door off my GFC topper.

Im running around with a surfboard-longboard sticking out. I love being able to throw the board in back and make a quick run to the beach. So the door is nearly just in open mode most of the time.

Removing it was the right move.

What I don’t like is the unfinished top-rear extrusion where the door attaches. There’s some large open holes that probably should be covered.

Just wondering if anyone else runs around without a rear door. And if you’ve done anything to finish off the top?

I slide the base of mine off of the panel and reinstall it to the camper if I’m running without a door. It’s a 3 piece assembly including the panel and slides apart. Take a note of how the teeth of the gears mesh together, it’ll help if/when you reinstall it!

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