Sale Pending - Build spot #2175 for sale

I just picked up #1706 on 8/12. I could not be happier. I was holding on to build spot 2175 in case my niece wanted it but she has finally decided to go with another option. So I now have build spot 2175 for sale. When I got it on the forum, I was told a September build, but I did not think that date was realistic.

But as I travel around the country in my Tacoma, today I got an email asking for options and paying the balance on the invoice. I also got a email saying a limited number of build spots have opened up and If I wanted an earlier build, I should pay my invoice now.

So it looks like it could be a quick turnaround for someone. I will forward the email GFC sent me to any potential buyers. I’m asking what I paid for it: $575.

I’m in Klamath Falls OR at the moment. My ability to get email comes and goes depending on my location. Your best bet is to call me: 443-Two5Seven-5280.

Edit: I reread the email GFC sent me. They have shipping dates as early as 10/21 for invoices paid in full


Hi Lane Very interested in this, I’ll send a text message. Matt

If this is still available I am interested!

Build slot 2175 has been sold