Sale pending.....FOR SALE Build #1864 Tacoma short bed

I’m selling my build for a Tacoma short bed. It’s a V2, black panels, front and rear window, and the tent is the subdue green with front and side windows added. It’s ready for production with the earliest install for September. $6,975 (this includes the invoice I paid for as well as the deposit).

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I just message you. I’m interested. Thanks.

I will take it off yours hands what gen is it for?

3rd gen

This is a crazy good deal


I have a sale pending but I’ll hit you up if it falls through.

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Best deal I’ve seen. OP must be a cool guy!

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Fingers crossed!! I’m ready to deal if it doesn’t work out

I’m interested if those ahead don’t make it to the finish line.

I’ll throw my name in the hat if it doesn’t work for any of these folks. Willing to work it out, let me know!

Any updates on your tent being sold?

Build spot 1864 is sold. Thanks for everyone’s interest