Scammer Alert: Larrythegoat

I’m not sure how to get in contact with the mods, but just a heads up on this account. He is going around a bunch of WTB posts and telling them to email his friend ( who has exactly what you are looking for. After emailing with “Scott” he’ll ask for a deposit before he can generously drive to your location and deliver whatever it was you wanted to buy.

I didn’t send him a deposit, but the images he sent me of the GFC superlite were from someone else’s post in the WTS forum. Also, he deleted his reply in my post, probably because I was asking too many questions, but you can still see a bunch in his profile Profile - Larrythegoaat - Go Fast Forum, but I’m sure he will delete those as well.

Be smart, and don’t fall for deals too good to be true! This guy was totally willing to drive 20 hours to sell me a Superlite V2 for $300 less than they usually go for :roll_eyes:!

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Screen shots of his replies in case he deletes them.