Screen windows

I finally decided to make some window screens for my topper.

I ordered screen material, sew on 1" velcro hook, 3M adhesive velcro loop 1" and 3/4" widths, and bias tape for the screen edge from Amazon.

I got out my daughter’s sewing machine and asked for a quick tutorial and got to work.

Some tips I discovered along the way:
-I found making the template was easier with the doors closed. I used butcher paper and masking tape to trace the outline of the door around the outside edge.
-I used 1"hook velcro around the edges of the screen and 1" adhesive loop on the sides and bottom of the window. The top of the widow took 3/4" loop.

The screens aren’t meant to be left in all the time. They roll up pretty compact and I store them in one of the drawers until they are needed. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out given I was learning as I went.