Sealing gap between tailgate and panel?

I’ve got a V2 on a Tacoma and there’s a big gap on each corner of the tailgate where the back panel meets the space frame. Getting a good amount of water coming through here and running into the bed when it rains. It’s an awkward gap and I’m wondering how others have gone about sealing it. Thanks in advance!


I put more bulb seal on the bed rail there and also along the top of the tail gate. Easiest to during the day and close the hatch/tailgate to see where the light is coming at.


@GainzGFC you have any pictures of how you sealed it?

Hey I made a video of my process sealing up the Toyota bed… maybe it’ll help?


@Bobbyduracel thanks, I did all that before install. Issue now is the gap shown in the picture between the bed and the camper.

@GainzGFC thanks!

Yeah, I think I just glazed over that in my clip.

I just bought some dual-bulb seals from the rv store and glued them around the tailgate / camper interface. It seems to seal up enough, and no water is coming in.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I made a ball of butyl tape, smashed it into those corners and pressed the hatch closed to form an impression in the seal. No water coming in from those gaps anymore! The front corners are another story though…

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@Nomad26 i was able to get the front corners sealed up by packing a ton of butyl tape in there but doesn’t the butyl get pulled up when you open the tailgate? I’ve previously used butyl to seal up a gap on a tonneau cover but when I opened it it would pull some of the butyl up

I have not had that issue with mine. Initially it would stick a little but it never came off. I can take a photo when I get the chance later. But it has formed well and it’s been on there a couple months now.

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A photo would be great, thanks

As @GainzGFC posted, that is almost exactly what I have done with mine. I purchased a tailgate seal on Amazon that came with an additional seal for the gap you mentioned. Here is the product. Bulb seal
I recommend the tailgate seal to further element-proof (dust) the bed area.

Pardon the dust, I just got back from a working camping trip lol.


Smooshing butyl tape into holes = wins every time.


Jammed some butyl tape in there and added a strip of leftover bulb seal from the ESI tailgate kit. Left the bulb seal a but shorter because the gasket on the back panel didn’t sit flat if the seal extended all the way and this way it limits interference with the tailgate. Pretty happy with the way it turned out… I’ll give an update the next time it rains.