Sealing the gap in the front bed

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to seal the gap that exists in the front corners of the Tacoma bed (the one that exists from the factory)? It probably would’ve been easiest to seal that before I got the GFC put on, but I guess hind site is 20/20, etc.

I used butyl tape on mine. I just cut some pieces and folded them to about the thickness of the gap and stuffed them in. Been working great for well over a year.


Had this issue on my ZR2. Our bed side wall is shorter than the sides so it leaked bad on mine. You can see what I did but it’s had a few months exposure and is working fantastic! Upgraded Bed Seals

I used a waterproof sealant.

Did you use the double-sided stuff?

I used this one:


I ordered parts
to fill these gaps.

Wish I had known about them before I got the camper mounted. Hopefully I’ll be able to add them in without having to remove the camper completely.

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I did not seal my front corners well enough before gfc install. Silicon sealant and expanding foam worked for the front post install. Definitely recommend to do it before install.

I also ran a bead of silicon under the bed rails before install and it has worked.

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I added a piece of 1/8" thick, 1" aluminum angle full width, with 3M VHB tape holding it in place, and a bead of caulk on the ends to take care of the little gaps at the corners.

I have issues.