Seeing a lot of GFC for sale lately?

It is always possible to find something bigger and better for a lot higher price. I’ve had my V2 now about 2.5 months and I’m still loving it. The wife and I just did a quick camping trip last weekend. I still am very happy with just opening it up and being able to stand in the bed of my Tacoma. And it has some very nice clean lines. I’ve already taken it to five different states.

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Personally for me, simple is key. I’m coming from camping outside, sleeping on a cot, so GFC is way overkill for my wife and I and our basic needs. I went for the RTT setup giving me the ability to switch trucks down the road, save money, and still use the truck as a truck. I think the others here are all correct, people think they want simple but realize quickly they long for an RV. I’ve had the V1 now for years not a single issue and logged nearly 100 nights - best camping purchase we’ve ever made.


Which long bed Chevy? I have not seen a long bed of my vintage in the Customer Build Gallery and no 8’ Chevys are on the supported vehicles. I have a 2006 LBZ dually crew cab long bed.

My truck for reference.

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I have a 22 Single cab. I live in MT so I drove to GFC and coordinated with them to get the truck scanned since they planned to make the camper for all current models. You’re right that nobody else has an 8ft Chevy GFC, but I intend to make it reality.

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I love the simplicity. I work out of it on work days and sleep like royalty on play days. In the other ways, I still camp like I did before.