Seeing a lot of GFC for sale lately?

Hey all,

About a week away (hopefully) from putting deposit down on a GFC for my long bed Chevy. As most of you probably also did, I have been researching a lot on forums, camper sites, classifieds, etc to see what’s out there for options and in what price ranges. I have noticed a lot of GFC for sale compared to when I was looking before. What gives? People changing setups, don’t like them or just flat out not what they expect? I have messaged a couple to see but don’t want to waste someone’s time when I can’t use the product they’re selling.

Chime in with your opinions

Seems like there’s always a steady flow of people looking to buy or sell a GFC. I don’t think it’s anything specific to the product necessarily but rather just people’s situations whether financial or what.

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Yeah. Everyone buys it before summer and then sells it after summer

Interesting. I guess I see it as more of a longer term investment to use especially since they’re truck specific but others don’t view it that way.


With them cranking out 40 new ones a week I think for sale numbers are going to increase also


I’d say for the young person agility you need to have to manage yourself and another inside of the tent plus the typical younger buyer age range and likely “without kids yet” families who get one, once a baby is in the picture that $7500 sitting on you truck must feel like it’s burning you a bit more then you’d like to admit…


Both of those things are very true. One thing I’ve noticed is that you can get a clean used pop up cab over (Palomino, Northstar, etc) for about the same price as you can get a GFC and accessorize to your liking. Granted not the same thing, but for most people, either could work. I wonder how many of the for sale GFC are the kids thing coupled with that.

I would think lots of people who want all the bells and whistles that buy a GFC with plans to build it out realize they bought the wrong thing. They can buy what they want, ready to go and more comfortable and functional than a truck bed build-out will ever be. But yeah, they are also making lots of them and that will relate to the numbers being sold.


The major pros of GFC for me is their weight, if ones prioritize weight saving over others, there is really not a competitor out there other than super pacific maybe but still, GFC is the lightest weight camper out there.


I feel a big reason is because there are so many more GFC’s on the road now than even just a year ago.

or people’s lives/needs change

or just realize they bought the lowest priced wedge camper realized they got what they paid for

or their insta followers just doesn’t pay the bills


All very true. Do you think the GFC is lower quality than others like AT or super pacific?

I’m in the market for one and if money was no object I would be leaning towards an AT then a super pacific. The construction techniques and materials appear they would be more durable long term. But maintenance on the Gfc looks straightforward albeit needing the proprietary parts when things wear out. I’ve seen the GFC up close and it looks well designed. the only other camper at a similar price point is the topo toppers camper. I think a comparison with that one would be more fairly balanced.

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They are great quality imo, just designed to be more simple and more truck like than the rest.


I agree with this…… went from this…

To this……

Best switch ever!


the GFC is a great design but 10 months in and powder coat was peeling and a latch exploded(can’t forget freezing latches). GFC stepped up quick to fix but… really? if it weren’t for those easily preventable issues, and everybody else’s leaking issues, they would be top tier campers. I’m still enjoying mine, use it 1 way or another EVERYDAY and won’t give it up.

Good point on the paint. I also wonder why an aluminum raw offering isn’t available.

I definitely think SP has a leg up in the design department. Their campers just seem to be constructed better. However, their price is crazy, and wasn’t overly thrilled with their customer service.

A lot of people are leaving out the fact these campers have a 10 week lead time instead of close to a year for several competitors

I think a big aspect is things “getting back to normal” and the economy being how it is.

If you were work from home or not able to travel to your dream destination, a lot of folks were getting into camping, the outdoors, and new hobbies. Bikes were impossible to buy, etc.

Now if you’re back in the office or on site, maybe you’re just not able to travel and camp as much. Part of the whole overland thing was a fad, you still have some committed folks but it’s nowhere as popular as it was for that couple year moment.


This is precisely the reason why I’m hoping that in a few years some of the 4x4 vans will become attainable, cost-wise