Selling #1352 - April 2021 Build - SOLD

My new rig won’t be here in time for this build and I’m switching platforms, so I’m selling build#1352. You can choose all of your options, size and colors. GFC said it can be upgraded to the XL size at this point.
I’m only looking to recover my $500 deposit.


Hey! Definitely interested. Have cash ready

OK, send me your email or phone and I’ll forward you my emails with GFC so you can see my confirmed reservation and you can Venmo me the money. I’m heading out to dinner now so I’ll be offline for the next few hours.

I have a build spot in June if that time works better for you we could trade?Otherwise I’m interested in buying yours as well if it falls through with anyone else.

Already sold? Would send the money like yesterday lol

Will let you know. Sent pandarb all the info and waiting for payment.

Will know today if pandarb is ready to buy.

SOLD to quick-draw pandarb!

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