Selling GFC #777

I’m #777 it is ready for production, which I guessing will start in April/May. Mine is for a 6 FT 1st Gen Tacoma. On the GFC website, it states it will fit all 6 FT Tacoma Beds.

I am paid in full for a 6 foot Tacoma with a grey frame and grey panels. This also includes front and rear windows, and a driver side tent door. I believe these options might be able to be changed, since it has not entered production yet, but GFC has the final say on this.

I am not looking to make any money, or get a premium, just recoup what I have invested.

By the way, did you notice the number is 777, Jackpot.


Can the truck change or do I need same truck

The truck specs can be changed up until the point at which we begin production on a unit.

I’ll take this spot! Please email or call/text 760-505-1627

If they can’t take it, I happily will! or (602) 826-7697

If the previous 2 can’t for some reason, I’ll take it.

If you are interested the total will be $7200. That is the $500 down payment, front and rear windows, and the driver side tent door. I prefer payment through Venmo. As soon as payment is received, I will email you and Taylor at GFC to transfer ownership of the camper.

im interested email or text

I have contacted the first person that contacted me. He thought it was just for the spot, and turned it down. I have contacted the next person in chronological order. I will update here as I get replies.


Prettyrach84, I sent you an email yesterday at noon.

Ejshaw95, I sent you an email

I’m late to this party, but I’d like to get in line for purchasing this spot. Email is

Taylor, I had someone ask if this could be changed from a 6 ft bed to a 5 ft bed since it isn’t in production. I just wanted verification from GFC.


Probably gone by now, but hit me up at if this is still available! Thanks!

The GFC is still available right now, but a sale is pending. If it falls through, I’ll contact the next person on the list. Thanks everyone.

#777 is still available. I will contact the next person on the list.

I will definitely get on the list please! Doubt I’ll make it but if for any reason it is, contact me at

Serious buyer.

Sold pending release of funds from the financial service.