Selling my build position

Build number 1326 GF Camper. Expected completion March 2021.
Build was for a short bed 2020 Tacoma, May or not be adjusted since I have selected no additional specifications.
$500 firm. Deposit amount.

I’ll take it. Just need to check with GFC and see if I cant get it for a short bed frontier.

If it doesn’t fit a frontier I’ll take it

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Since I can’t DM, any chance you could shoot me a DM or an email with specifics on the build spot. Or I can email you. mine is


Ok. Let me know ASAP.

What color is your build?

Would happily take this too. Let me know-


Do you still have your spot? If yes, I’d like to buy it.


I live in Seattle, Washington. I’m willing to pay cash if I can & don’t mind driving a few hundred miles.
Please let me know.