Selling my deposit for GFC#1703

Selling my deposit ($500.00) for GFC #1703. Rehabbing my hip so would be stoked to see it go to someone who can enjoy an earlier delivery. Just talked to GFC and this is apparently the way to do it.

What kind of camper are you selling the deposit on? Is it the go fast light 80lb clamshell?

What’s the estimated build date?

Hello, the estimated build date is late January, 2022. It is open ended as far what type of GFC as I did not submit the specs yet. As I understand it, you can use my build date to get whatever type of GFC you would like. We can of course confirm this with GFC (via a three way email between you and I and GFC) before you buy my deposit. I am new to this process and bummed to let my build date go but it would be great for someone to get a GFC much sooner!

Which go fast camper is it? The super lite?

It is the V2 platform camper. But I believe you can use my build date for whatever GFC model you want as I haven’t specified anything yet. I had to delay the build because of hip rehab and GFC was great about pushing my build and specifics back as far as we could, but now I have to sell it and they are ready to build.